The King Sports Training System Has Everything You Need.

For four decades, Coach King has worked to improve the speed and agility of athletes at every level, by combining the most effective training drills with innovative equipment. His battle tested change of direction agility exercises and sport specific speed training drills continue to impact amateurs and professional athletes alike. Now, Coach King is ready to share these proven drills with you!

Coach King's athletic development program is rooted in decades of developing faster athletes from the youth level to the world’s highest stage. With that, Texas high school football state championships, three Super Bowl wins with the Dallas Cowboys, years of training Men and Women's Olympic Gold and Silver medalists and decades of equipping dedicated football players to run the gauntlet of NFL preparation.

Today, the same speed and agility training system that has won at the highest levels imaginable can be yours. Purchase your King Sports Training System and elevate your training to the next level!

Success At Every Level

  • Super Bowls
  • Olympic Gold Medals
  • Top NFL Draft Picks
  • State Championships
  • Major League Baseball
  • Women's Grand Slams

Faster 40's, quicker feet, football scholarships, getting drafted and especially World Championships don't happen overnight.  Get there with Coach King’s speed training drills, his four basic tools and a heart dead-set on greatness. Order yours today.

Coach King's Greatest Hits

  • Three Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys
  • Trained more than 60 NFL draft picks, including the #10 overall pick
  • Appointed head strength and conditioning coach for the Dallas Mavericks (1989-1996)
  • Push Coach, 2002 US Olympic Men's & Women's Skeleton team, winning 2 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal
  • Strength and conditioning coach for world ranked golf and tennis players
  • 5 years as strength & conditioning coach for MLS soccer club, Dallas Burn (FC Dallas)
  • Top Speed Training Drills

    Speed Training System

    This speed training system has been packaged into one kit with speed training program downloads and free YouTube videos. Everything you need is right here. SHOP

  • As a quarterback at any level, it is vitally important to have good balance, fast footwork and first step acceleration. I use the King agility ladder to improve my footwork on the field, and with these tools I see results.

    Pro Quarterback, Chicago
  • Leg power, acceleration and balance are crucial aspects of my training. I use the King mini hurdles and OverSpeed trainer to increase my leg speed, and the results have shown up on the field.

    All American & Pro Punter